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Brenton Priestley Interview and Video

Filming, Free Riding, living the dream and maybe even a comp.  We catch up with BP. Watch the Video

Brenton Priestley is one of the "kinda" new generation leaving the shores of Aus for the dream of back to back summers and a ton of wake boarding in Orlando.  Following more in the footsteps of Chris Oshea, pushing style and free-riding over contests. 


Brenton Priestley from Mitch Langfield on Vimeo.

We catch up to see how things are going in the USA.

Liquid Circus:  Whats been happening since you got back in the US?
Brenton Priestley:   Just Livin! haha i have been riding shit loads of course and been working on some     projects that use will get to see at the end of the year......

LC:  Who are you living with?
BP: This year its Mitch Langfield, Scotty Broome and I, good house hold easy crew to live with and its rad to be in the hood again on clear lake! and only ten mins from down town..

LC:  Who do you usually ride with and what boats are you riding behind?
BP:  I have been riding on my lake a bunch! behind Nicola's Xstar or Jims 230.  Then chriso is at watsons witch is 5-10 mins away, so go shred there behind watson's 230. Watsons place is fun CO and Wats have some fun jibs on there dock!

LC:  You've got your own blog now, tell us about it?
BP:  The Blogs one of my main focus's right now, Just trying to keep it busy and as fresh as possible and i guess push wakeboarding in the direction i think it should be.

LC:  Are you planning a career in media after wake boarding?
BP:  Never thought about it! I enjoy filming and shooting alot, so in time i guess some better    camera get up and i'll be on!

LC:  Who's the most stylie rider in the world right now?
BP::All round rider right now....Chriso hands down been putting in time on rails and shreds behind  boat, ripping right now! soooo steeeeeziiee

LC:  Who do you reckon is going to stomp the next "new Trick"

BP:I have no Idea about anyone else, but i got a few mind just trying to get as much boat time as possible, and get my head around some then hopefully get close or if not stick them for IN TRANSIT.

LC:  You've been filming for carnies new film, fill us in?
BP:  "IN TRANSIT" Carney's third film now and his last one was bull shit good! so excited to see his final cut!.....Carney just got here a week ago so we are filming flat out now!

LC:  Talk us through an average day in Orlando?
BP:  Average day for the TBC, its up early most mornings getting the gold light, filming, riding, chilling, gettin gas, riding, skating, chilling, gas, riding, shooting, dark, party, same again next day haha.

LC:  You doing any comps this year?
BP:  Yep I'm riding at worlds in august in orlando, looking forward to it witch is different haha.
 My main focus this year was to film, but i would like to do the tour next year.

LC:  Does it feel like the US has recovered from the Global Financial Crisis or are they still crying poor?
BP:  No Idea to tell ya the truth, pretty sure the country is still struggling a little bit.

LC:  What are you goals for making a career out of wake boarding?
BP:  Right now just want to be as good on a board as i can, and i'm only progressing still so just going to keep moving forward, ride my ass off! get better!


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