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Is Cable Wake Boarding The Future of Our Sport

With crazy fuel prices and over price boats is Cable the future of Wake Boarding?

With crazy fuel prices and over price boats is Cable the future of Wake Boarding?

Cable Parks are popping up all over the globe.  Little wake boarding playgrounds that aren't dependent on tides, filling fat sacs or spending hundreds of dollars a day on fuel to go for a ride.  Plus if your mates all bail on you, cause there hung over, can't be botthered or their missus put the foot down and said "No riding" you can still go on your own.

As well as cable parks, the massive increase in winching, and now the introduction of the Systec 2 and the Rixen Bro in the Box, smaller portable cable set ups are getting easier and easier.

We put this question to some of the worlds best boat and cable riders.  This is what they had to say?


Aaron Rathy

I dont think boat is dying out, but cable is definitely taking over in some aspects... Its hard to say I guess, its just wakeboarding... you dont call it something different when you go to the cable right? you still say Im going riding, so I think that cable and boat are just different ways to have fun wakeboarding. It seems like boat riding is still getting the most coverage in magazines, but I think with more stuff using the system 2 and when there are more of them its gonna open up a completely new chapter for our sport. Handrails are finally gonna be doable, step ups, and just urban park riding, without having to pay 60 bucks a day for gas or walk half a mile everytime you fall. haha I dig riding cable, but you cant beat the feeling of hitting perfect tranny...


Tom Fooshee

I feel that boat wakeboarding will always be the basis of our sport and it will never die or fade out due to the shape of the world economy.  Its the core of our sport and spending a day out on the lake shredding never gets old, its always a blast!  However though, I also feel that cable will be the future of bringing our sport to the masses.  With the introduction of the new two tower cables, wakeboarding has been brought to places and venues that were never possible before.  This allows the public to see wakeboarding and wakeskating performed legitimitly in the "skate park" style setting. 
Cable is a great chance for wakeboarding to become accessible to everyone, regaurdless of their income.  Its a great opportunity for companies to sell their product on site.  Customers are able to try out product right there on site to make sure they get the wakeboard they want.  I feel that cable is most definitely going to help our industry as a whole.  I see places like Texas Ski Ranch setting a great example of what you can do with cable.  Not only has the cable created an environment for wakeboarders and wakeskaters to get together and shred, it also is a place to meet someone to ride with behind the boat.  At TSR there is a Mastercraft dealership that actually works with the cable to bring wakeboarding to everyone.  The cable often times helps sell a boat.  Any a boat buyer often wants to ride the cable.  So together they work hand and hand.
As for the future of progression of our sport, there will always be guys out there charging it behind the boat creating new tricks, and I love to see it!  I most definitely appriciate seeing what a lot of riders do behind their boats, whether it be a dirty ts tail grab bs 180, or a 1260, it is the Sh!t.  I love it! and it will never get old.  But the cable also can bring you possibilities that the boat couldnt before, such as the possibility of creating a new rail that local lake cops cant tear down because its on your pond or cable lake.  Also you can do re-entry style tricks on spine ramps, the gigantic c-rail that Henshaw did (which was incrediable by the way) and loads of other creativity that we have just touched the tip of the iceberg on.  Cable and boat will also inspire more and more riders to take their tricks to another level, something we will see more of in the near future.


Jeff Weatherall

Riding behind a boat will never die out, its a staple of family fun and water sports at lakes across america and the world.  You dont have to have the latest and greatest wake machine to be able to ride on a lake at your holiday house.  Sure maybe spending has slowed the sale of major wakeboard boats, but those with that already have boats will still ride and instead of upgrading to newer boats they will just keep riding the same machine that they always  love to shred behind each summer.

On the other side though I see cable riding taking off, and it bringing a different group of riders into the sport.
People that previously never had the opportunity to get out and ride behind a boat all of a sudden have a way to access wakeboarding with out all the crazy expenses that is involved with boat riding.

And its a different type of rider coming through too...   the new 'cable rat' as they're called at a lot of spots are bringing there own mentallity, style and shred to wakeboarding around the world.

I see kids that have no clue about boat riding coming out at cable parks and just throwing down crazy stuff with so much style... Its epic to see them out there just ripping.

And thanks to riders like Keith Lidburg I think maybe some of those 'cable rats' will end up crossing over to the boat and bring a whole new set of tricks and style to boat riding.


If you have an opinoin about the future of boat riding vs cable riding email we'd love to hear from you and will publish the best emails.


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