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Monster Girls vs Red Bull Girls

The Battle of the energy drink promo girls

The battle for energy drink marketing has been raging for some time now.  For years Red Bull had total market dominance, they sponsored all the best athletes, events, parties and had the hottest chicks doing their event promo.  Now there are a bunch of new players who are not only challenging them, but winning.  In particular Monster and there support for events and the quality of girls they are sending to promote their products are absolutely destroying Red Bull.

Gone are the days when the Red Bull chicks turned up to an event and everyone stopped watching the event and started staring at the extremely hot promo girls Red Bull sent out.  Nowadays no one will even blink an eye.  Their quality has dropped so much Red Bull should be embarrassed. 

In total contrast Monster Energy have set the level continually sending  visually stunning promo girls.  Good on the boys at the Monster Army for keeping the dream alive!


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