The Liquid Circus
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The New Trick List

1080's, double back flips, backside 9's, its all going down.

The last few weeks has been crazy with the amount of new tricks being landed. 

First off was Trevor Hansen with the worlds first wake to wake double backroll.  If he gets this trick consistant, his competition wake board pass is going to really step up a level.

Talking about landing hammer tricks wake to wake, Rusty stomped a 1080 wake to wake.

Harley Clifford is pretty much going to be untouchable in the competition scene this year with his massive bag of technically, perfect tricks.  Harley just landed his first ever 1080 off the double up.

And to finish up a solid week of new tricks, Kyle Alberts pulled a wrapped backside nine off the double up.

Congrats to all those pushing the limits of our sport.  I can't wait to see whats next.


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