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You ain't seen nothing yet! Rumors of a new Tour

Rumors of a new tour emerge from Daniel Watkins and Pro Wake

“You ain’t seen nothing yet!”
Is the warning from Daniel Watkins and the crew at ProWake as official whispers of a 2011 Wakeboarding Competition Series start to leak out of ProWake HQ.
Australian Wakeboarding is set to be elevated to a new level, with the original creators of Australia’s Pro Series of wakeboarding events syndicating to re-invent the sport in Australia with an event series unlike any other.
Since the successful inception of the Australian Pro Tour of Wakeboarding in 2004, events in Australia have plateaud, in January 2011 Australia’s most successful wakeboarder and Australian Pro Tour creator Daniel Watkins, will bring together the event management team that catapulted Australian wakeboarding into the mainstream and re-define what a wakeboarding event is.
“It will be like nothing you would ever expect. Our team at ProWake have a think tank of fresh ideas that are never ending.” “Basically all we have seen since the Pro Tour kicked off in Australia is imitation and everyone including ‘us’ are sick of that same old wakeboarding event format.  Its time to inject the sport with a freshness and bring something new to events and I am not talking about a new format, different divisions or a band at the end of the event. Actually I am talking about all those things, but I am also truly promising something that has never been seen or even thought of in our sport before.”
The event series which will consist of 3 events across the last 3 weeks in January 2011, will be primarily an invite only event series with one qualifying round for locals to claim their spot. So young aspiring riders will need to start riding hard to prepare themselves for this one shot at the big time.
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